Welcome to Film Classics

Welcome to Film Classics

What is the definition of a Classic Film? 

Well, it depends. Some would say that a “classic film” is any movie made during the days that the Hollywood studio system was in place.

In those pre-1970’s days, most actors and actresses were under exclusive contracts to a single studio. If they worked for another studio at all, it was usually because of a trade, or some other arrangement, between the studio bosses. Others would say that any film which receives wide acclaim from film critics, or with (e.g. Academy) award recognition, would earn the standard and should be dubbed a classic film. Unfortunately, both of these methods are suspect due to personal prejudices, errors of omission, and even corruption.

So how do we define a classic film at Film Classics?

Film Classics say one that has an original idea, and a captivating story that doesn't date. A film that appeals to all ages probably helps it's classic credentials. 

A classic film is a film that can withstand the test of time.

If you find this definition to be a bit too vague, you should realize that that was exactly our intent!

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