Cavalry Scout

Kirby Frye, a former Confederate officer but now a Union Cavalry scout, is sent into Montana territo..

Cave of Outlaws

Released after serving 15 years in prison for train robbery Pete Carver being the only survivor of t..

Chato's Land

After Pardon Chato, a mestizo, kills a US marshal in self-defense, a posse pursues him, but as the w..

Cheyenne Autumn

When the government agency fails to deliver even the meager supplies due by treaty to the proud Chey..

Cheyenne Social Club

An aging cowboy finds to his embarrassment that the successful business he has inherited from his br..

Cheyenne Warrior

An interracial love story, set in the turbulent wild west, stirs up tensions between the Indians and..

Chief Crazy Horse

This biography of the famous Lakota Sioux war chief is told entirely from the Indian viewpoint...


Cattle baron John Chisum joins forces with Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett to fight the Lincoln County..


While Indians besiege a U.S. Army fort in 1876, residents of the fort a gunfighter, a stagecoach dri..


The epic saga of a frontier family, Cimarron starts with the Oklahoma Land Rush on 22 April 1889. Th..

Cimarron Kid

Audie Murphy comes into his own as a Western star in this story. Wrongly accused by crooked railroad..

Cold Vengeance

John Wayne burns up the screen in this thrilling tale of vengeance in the wild west. When his father..

Cole Younger Gunfighter

An outlaw must decide whether to stick his neck out for an innocent man in this hardboiled post-Civi..

Colorado Territory

Outlaw Wes McQueen is sprung from jail to help pull one last railroad job. He doesn't like his new p..

Colt .45

Gun salesman Steve Farrell gets two of his new Colt .45 pistols stolen from him by ruthless killer J..

Column South

As Lt. Jed Sayre struggles to prevent pre-Civil War tensions and a racist commanding officer from tr..
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