Behold a pale horse

Manuel Artiguez, a famous bandit during the Spanish civil war, has lived in French exile for 20 year..

Beloved Infidel

Toward the end of his life F. Scott Fitzgerald is writing for Hollywood studios to be able to afford..

Best Of Everything

An expose of the lives and loves of Madison Avenue working girls and their higher ups...

Best Years Of Our Lives

Three WWII veterans return home to small-town America to discover that they and their families have ..


Clark Gable and Lana Turner team-up in this intriguing WWII drama. Suspected of being a Nazi spy Dut..

Bhowani Junction

Anglo-Indian Victoria Jones seeks her true identity amid the chaos of the British withdrawal from In..

Big Circus

Hank Whirling tries to keep his financially troubled circus on the road despite the efforts of a sab..

Big Heat

Tough cop Dave Bannion takes on a politically powerful crime syndicate...

Big House USA

Jerry Barker finds a lost boy whose rich father is extorted into paying a ransom for his return but ..

Big Jim McLain

U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee investigators Jim McLain and Mal Baxter attempt to break..

Birdman of alcatraz

A surly convicted murderer held in permanent isolation redeems himself when he becomes a renowned bi..

Bishop's Wife

A bishop trying to get a new cathedral built prays for guidance. An angel (Cary Grant) arrives, but ..

Black Friday

Dr. Sovac transplants the brain of a gangster into his professor friend's body to save his life,..

Black Legion

When a hard-working machinist loses a promotion to a Polish-born worker, he is seduced into joining ..

Black Midnight

Wild Suspense . . . Wild Adventure ! Thrilling Drama of a Wild Horse . . . and a Boy Who tames It ! ..

Black Robe

A young Jesuit priest seeks to convert the Indian tribes in Canada while also trying to survive the ..
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