Big Jim McLain

U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee investigators Jim McLain and Mal Baxter attempt to break..

Black Arrow

In 15th century England, a civil war called Wars of the Roses is being fought between two rival hous..


Dolph Lundgren plays Jack Devlin, a U.S Marshal who protects high-profile clients when it comes to a..


Jeb Maynard is a patrolman guarding the U.S.-Mexican border, whose partner and buddy Scooter has jus..

Breaker Breaker

Truck driver searches for his brother, who has disappeared in a town run by a corrupt judge...

Buccaneer's Girl

A New Orleans entertainer falls for a pirate who has another identity...

Captain Blood

An enslaved doctor and his comrades in chains escape and become pirates of the Robin Hood variety...

Captain Caution

When her father dies, a young woman helps a young man take command of the ship to fight the British ..

Captain China

Charles Chinnough, aka Captain China, washed ashore off his ship during a storm, is later rescued, b..

Captain Fury

An Irish convict sentenced to hard labor in Australia escapes into the outback, and organizes a band..

Castle Keep

During the Battle of the Bulge, an anachronistic count shelters a ragtag squad of Americans in his i..

Chain Lightning

Matt Brennan knows how to open eyes to the potential of the experimental jet, the JA-3. He'll pi..

Charge Of The Light Brigade

A major countermands orders and attacks to revenge a previous massacre of men, women and children..


Kim is a Taekwondo champion who decides to give up his fighting career for good in order to take car..

Clive of India

In the mid-1700's the East India Company has power over commerce on the sub-continent, with the ..

Coogans Bluff

An Arizona deputy goes to New York City to escort a fugitive back into custody...
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