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Alan Ladd Collection – Vol 1 DVD


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Hollywood legend Alan Ladd takes the law into his own hands with 5 action-packed adventures. Join the iconic actor in a selection of his most daring roles ever including Calcutta (1947), Two Years Before The Mast (1946), 13th West Street (1962), Red Mountain (1951) & Thunder In The East (1951).

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CALCUTTA (1947): Cargo-plane pilots (Alan Ladd, William Bendix) link their buddy’s strangulation to smugglers flying gems out of India.

TWO YEARS BEFORE THE MAST (1946): The playboy son of a wealthy shipping magnate discovers at first hand the desperate privations suffered by the crew of one of his fathers ships when he is unwillingly pressganged aboard.

13 WEST STREET (1962): Walt Sherill (Alan Ladd), a space engineer, becomes the victim of a random assault by a gang of rich kids. He decides to take revenge and goes on a quest to find the culprits without any help from the police.

RED MOUNTAIN (1951): A Confederate captain (Alan Ladd) and a couple (Lizabeth Scott, Arthur Kennedy) face Quantrill’s Raiders out West.

THUNDER IN THE EAST (1951): In 1947, in an independent India, Europeans are scrambling to evacuate Ghandahar which is besieged by a local warlord but sought-after by an American arms dealer.

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