Blood River – Ricky Schroder DVD


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Jimmy Pearls, a directionless young drifter, kills Henry Logan’s son and two other men after he found out that they murdered Jimmy’s parents for their land. Trying to get away from Logan’s vengeance, he goes to ground in the mountains and meets Winston Patrick Culler, an old trapper, who becomes his traveling companion and protector. Jimmy doesn’t understand though why Culler is helping him…

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IN THIS BIG ACTION WESTERN, Rick Schroder (Golden Globe winner*) plays a hot-tempered cowboy with little ambition named Jimmy The Kid Perls. Out for blood, Perls guns down the man who killed his parents and took their land. While on the run, Perls meets up with U.S. Marshal Winston Patrick Culler played by Wilford Brimley (a prolific character actor who won a Golden Boot award in 2005 for his dedication to the Western genre). At first sight, Perls believes that Culler is just a typical, easy-going trapper. To navigate through the wilderness and to stay one step ahead of the law, Perls has no choice but to put his life in the hands of this ragged mountain man. From raging river escapes to a night in a brothel run by Georgina played by Adrienne Barbeau, Perls soon realizes that the person he considered an ally, cannot be trusted! *1980, New Star Of The Year – Actor, The Champ


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