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An ex-soldier is recruited by the FBI to go undercover in L.A. and find other ex-soldiers who are part of a drug-dealing gang.

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Joe Ryan, a returning Vietnam veteran, (Tom Stern, Hells Angels 69) thinks his life is on ‘borrowed time’ because he jumped over a grenade to save his platoon and it didn’t go off! He just wants to be left alone to collect scrap, pay his rent, and smoke his ‘weed’.

Into his life comes ‘Redford’ (Telly Savalas, Kojak), a CIA operative looking for a drug kingpin Neilson (Robert Vaughn, The Magnificent Seven), running heroin, cocaine and other habit-forming illegal drugs into the LA area. The CIA names our ‘Joe’ as the Kingpin in order to draw him out into the open, where they can catch him, making Joe the ‘Clay Pigeon’. This classic action film captures early 1970’s Hollywood in all it’s retro glory. The first and only film about Vietnam made by Hollywood prior to ‘CLAY PIGEON’ was a film starring JOHN WAYNE called ‘THE GREEN BERETS’ made in 1968.




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