Cry of the Hunted – Vittorio Gassman DVD


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A fugitive is pursued by a lawman who is obsessed with his capture.

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Lt. Tunner is in charge of the maximum security section of Bradville State Penitentiary in the Los Angeles area. With regard to one prisoner named Jory, Tunner is tasked with taking measures to make him talk, namely give up his associates in the bank robbery that put him behind bars, Jory who has said nothing in that regard despite solely being the lowly paid getaway driver. Acting upon an opportunity, Jory is able to escape, the correct belief by Tunner being that he headed “home” to Chatsburg Parish in the Louisiana bayou country to reunite with his wife. Tunner not only has Jory to contend with, but other inherent hazards of the unfamiliar swamps including the locals who will protect their own.




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