Five Graves to Cairo – Franchot Tone DVD


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During World War II, an undercover British soldier tries to get word to the Allies that the Germans have tons of supplies buried in five excavations across Egypt.



On the first day director Billy Wilder‘s hero, Erich von Stroheim, arrived on set, Wilder ran to the wardrobe department to welcome him. He said, “This is a very big moment in my life . . . that I should now be directing the great Stroheim. Your problem, I guess, was that you were ten years ahead of your time.” Von Stroheim replied, “Twenty.”

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June, 1942. The British Army, retreating ahead of victorious Rommel, leaves a lone survivor on the Egyptian border–Corporal John Bramble, who finds refuge at a remote desert hotel…soon to be German HQ. To survive, Bramble assumes an identity which proves perilous. The new guest of honor is none other than Rommel, hinting of his secret strategy, code-named ‘five graves.’ And the fate of the British in Egypt depends on whether a humble corporal can penetrate the secret…




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