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In the late 70s early 80s many classic black & white movies were put through the colourization process. But many movie fans thought this to be sacrilege, consequently they proved not to be as popular as expected. So when DVDs came along most of the colorized movies did not make it onto DVD. But now there are new generations who refuse to watch old black & white movies. The limited number of colorized movies we have listed have proved to be popular. So we have decided to dedicate a whole section to them which we will be adding to whenever possible.

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They were the terror of the sky. Two years before Pearl Harbor, a small daring band of American mercenaries soared into battle against the Japanese in defense of China’s freedom. Aces, adventurers and heroes, they were Americas hottest fighter pilots. They called them THE FLYING TIGERS!
Possessing unmatched skill and bravery, Jim Gordon, the Tigers’ commander, is the top gun of China’s skies. But he faces a bigger battle on the ground when his good friend Woody Jason becomes the squadron’s most hated enemy. Suspected of recklessly causing the death of a fellow pilot, and accused of stealing Jim’s fiancee, Woody must fight for the respect of the Tigers and win back Jim’s friendship. It’s an explosive battle of courage and heroism that lights up the sky with action. This is “The Duke” at his best! with John Carole and Anna Lee.


This is a classic Black and White movie, that has been colorized.




This item is a manufactured-on-demand release. Using recordable CDs & DVDs, the label who owns the rights to these MOD releases, custom burns discs for each order sold. Most titles previously had a pressed release but have lapsed out of print and are now only available on these  MOD discs.



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