Just a Gigolo – David Bowie DVD


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After World War I, a war hero returns to Berlin to find that there’s no place for him–he has no skills other than what he learned in the army, and can only find menial, low-paying jobs. He decides to become a gigolo to lonely rich women.

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Berlin in the 1920’s…a time of change, a time of upheaval. Paul von Pryzgodski (David Bowie) was a young man whose life had led him to expect heroism, but instead he found failure–failure in the Great War, failure at trying to find a career, failure at nearly every relationship that comes his way, until he meets the Baroness and discovers there is one profession at which he can excel…Paul is a young Prussian War veteran who returns home to Berlin after World War I. After drifting from job to job, Paul eventually finds his niche renting himself out as a dancer for war widows who long to forget their sadness.

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