Kismet – Ronald Colman DVD



In ancient Baghdad, Hafiz the King of Beggars dreams of untold riches and of marrying his daughter to a real prince.



Two earlier film versions are based on the original 1911 Edward Knoblock play, “Kismet”, (Knickerbocker Theatre, June 25, 1911 – September 21, 1912, 184 performances). The first “Kismet” film was released in 1920 and survives. A second “Kismet” film was released by Warner Brothers in 1930 and is now considered a lost film.


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In ancient Bagdad, Hafiz is a beggar – self coined the King of Beggars – and a master of the slight of hand. He often likes to wander the streets late at night pretending to be a Prince, specifically of Hassir located in the farthest reaches of the empire. In the process, he has entered into a passionate romance with a beautiful woman, Jamilla. He is unaware that she is one of the queens of the Grand Vizier – the most powerful man in the empire – to who she was provided in a power deal with Macedonia, the deal agreed to by Jamilla only under the condition that she retain her independence.




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