Lisa and the Devil – Telly Savalas DVD


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A tourist spends the night in a derelict Spanish villa seemingly held in the supernatural grip of an eccentric butler, who resembles a depiction of the Devil she had seen on an ancient fresco.

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During the sightseeing in Toledo, Spain, the tourist Lisa Reiner sees an ancient painting of the devil on the wall and leaves her group for a moment; however she gets lost in the narrow streets. Later she gets a lift with the wealthy Francis Lehar and his wife Sophia. However, their car breaks and stops in front of an old manor. While the driver George tries to fix the car, the trio is hosted by the blind owner and her son Maximilian who invites Lisa to spend the night in the mansion. During dinner, they are served by the butler Leandro that resembles the image of the devil of the painting. Lisa seems to be living a strange nightmare, recalling her love from a past life, and trapped in the house with that bizarre family.

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