No Sex Please, We’re British – Ronnie Corbett DVD



Porn-shop owner Pete, orders some new stuff from his supplier Niko, but Niko mixes up the address with the address of the local Barclays Bank. Here, newlyweds David (the bank’s assistant manager) and Penny Hunter are shocked when first photos, then films, and finally two girls are sent to them in the Bank’s flat. They and their friend, head cashier Brian Runnicles (who starts to have a nervous breakdown), must deal with getting rid of the porn without letting their boss Mr. Bromley–the bank’s very anti-porn manager, the local police in the form of Inspector Paul, and David’s mother Bertha even suspect what is happening.


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When a pornographic bookshop opens in a small town, some of the residents are up in arms and local banker (Arthur Lowe) wants the shop out of business. But a simple numerical mix-up has the “adult literature” delivered to the wrong address–and newlywed bank clerk (Ronnie Corbett) has to figure out how to dispose of the package. As subsequent deliveries of pornography swell from a trickle to a flood, they trigger a series of madcap situations.

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