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A down-at-the-heels private detective is hired by a crime boss to find his missing wife. However, he soon finds out that everything isn’t quite as cut and dried as he has been led to believe.

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Robert Mitchum takes a walk on the wild side in his TV acting debut a suspenseful tale of blackmail and murder costarring Angie Dickinson and Mel Ferrer. Harold Shillman (Mitchum) used to be the best on the force. Now he’s a washed up ex-cop too down on his luck to care. So when he’s hired to find the missing wife of a Tahoe casino owner (Ferrer) no one’s more surprised than Shillman. Tracking her down to a San Francisco high-rise he gets there in time to watch her fall to her death. Unsure whether she jumped or was pushed Shillman hooks up with a woman from the victim’s past (Dickinson) to help unravel a web of lies and expose the unsavory truth. Based on the 1981 novel So Little Cause for Caroline by Emmy Award winner* Eric Bercovici One Shoe Makes it Murder first aired on CBS-TV on November 6 1982 and was nominated for the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar-« Award as Best TV Feature. *Outstanding Limited Series Shogun 1981.




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