Sidecar Racers – Ben Murphy DVD


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Two young people pursue their dream of being champion motorcycle sidecar racers on the Australian speedway circuit.

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Jeff Rayburn (Ben Murphy, Alias Smith and Jones) is a young American surfer and former Olympic Games’ champion swimmer, who visits Australia and gets involved in the sport of sidecar motor-cycle racing. He teams up with Dave Ferguson (John Clayton, Police Rescue), a biker who’s notorious for taking risks that endangering his partner’s lives. When they aren’t vying for the championship that will get them sponsorship and a season in Europe, they tussle for the love of wealthy heiress, Lynn Carson (Wendy Hughes, Careful, He Might Hear You). Featuring a stellar cast of: John Meillon (Crocodile Dundee) as Ocker Peter Graves (Airplane!) as Carson, Lynn’s father Peter Gwynne (Australia) as Rick Horton and Serge Lazareff (Cash and Company) as the rival side-car racer, Bluey Wilson.





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