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In World War II, a Romanian gentile peasant is denounced by the village gendarme and sent to a concentration camp for Jews where, due to an error, he’s drafted into the S.S.

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A Romanian peasant (Anthony Quinn) endures eight years of hardship and war in the 25th Hour, a suspense drama set during WWII and based on C. Virgil Gheorghiu’s best-selling novel. Falsely branded ajew by the district police officer (Gregoire Aslan) who covets his wife (Virna Lisi), johann Moritz (Quinn) is declared an undesirable and deported to a labor camp as punishment. Rescued by a half-mad colonel (Marius Goring) who declares him the perfect Aryan, Moritz joins the SS, where his work for the Nazis could save his life if the Allies don’t hang him first.




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