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The Alan Ladd Collection: Volume 2 – DVD


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Hollywood legend Alan Ladd is back with 4 more exciting action-packed adventures. Join the iconic actor in a selection of his most daring roles ever including: The Red Beret (1953) Desert Legion (1953) Hell Below Zero (1954) The Black Knight (1954).

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THE RED BERET (1953): The wartime raid on the German radar station at Bruneval. The raid was a combined services operation and the 2nd Battalion of the 1st Parachute Brigade was led by Major ‘John Frost’ (Major Snow). An RAF radar expert, Flight Sergeant C.W.H. Cox (Sergeant Box) accompanied the raiders to tell them what to take back to England.

DESERT LEGION (1953): Paul Lartal leads a troop of legionnaires into ambush at the hands of Omar Ben Calif. Returning later at the request of Princess Morjana he is led to the hidden city of Madara, currently harassed by the evil Crito. Lartal must do in the bad guys (which includes participating in a bare chested spear-throwing contest), save the city and comfort the Princess.

HELL BELOW ZERO (1954): Duncan Craig signs on a whaling ship, partly because his own business deal has fallen through, partly to help Judie Nordhall find her father. Rumour has it that her father may have been murdered by Erik Bland, son of her father’s partner and her one-time lover. Duncan and Erik find themselves on rival whaleboats and, ultimately, on an ice floe.

THE BLACK KNIGHT (1954): As a blacksmith John can’t hope to win the hand of Linet, daughter of the Earl of Yeonil. Off he goes to prove himself a noble knight. He makes himself a suit of armour with a winged chicken helmet and runs around fighting for King Arthur as the Black Knight. Evil doings include plots by visiting kings and a Druid sacrificial ceremony at Stonehenge.

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