The Eureka Stockade (Mini Series) – Bryan Brown DVD


A miniseries on the Eureka Rebellion in Australia back in 1854

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In the wake of the great California gold rush of 1849, miners the world over scrambled to Australia in search of the next big find. Ballarat, Victoria became the focal point for the miners’ efforts and in an effort to control migration and raise government revenues, Britain established strict guidelines, requiring miners to pay for special licences.

Inspired by the general discontent felt by the many miners, Irishman Peter Lalor (Bryan Brown) and his mining partner, Timothy Hayes (Bill Hunter) establish a protest group to represent the miners’ grievances and help combat the thugs employed by the gold commission under government orders. Supported by a strong team of diggers, including Catholic priest Father Smythe (Tom Burlinsonr) and Canadian Charles Ross (Brett Cullen), the miners take a stand against the establishment, united under the flag of the Southern Cross to fight for their rights and liberty.

A powerful four-part miniseries event from the producer of Against the Wind and A Town like Alice, Eureka Stockade also features Amy Madigan, Simon Chilvers, Penelope Stewart, David Bradshaw, Carol Burns, Rod Mullinar and Reg Evans.

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