The Runner Stumbles – Dick Van Dyke DVD



In early-20th-century Michigan, circumstances brought Father Brian Rivard (Dick Van Dyke)-who’d been sent to a rural backwater for his progressive leanings-to share his rectory with the young and spirited nun Sister Rita (Kathleen Quinlan). The outrage that simmered amongst the locals became a full-boil scandal with Sister Rita’s abrupt disappearance.

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Father Rivard is a priest in a small, economically depressed coal mining town. Working on what he thinks is a “controversial” work, he lives with the brutal lives of his poor parishioners, the old, unfriendly nuns in the nearby convent, and his own self doubts. When Rita, an energetic and bright young Sister, arrives at the parish, he finds someone he can talk to, someone with whom he has much in common. This sets into motion a series of events that leads to Sister Rita’s death – and the indictment of Father Rivard in that act.




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