The Toughest Gun in Tombstone – George Montgomery DVD



Matt Sloane is sent from Texas to Arizona to tame Tombstone where a gang of outlaws deals with cattle and silver. One of them killed his wife.

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During the 1880s, Arizona Territory’s desire for statehood is hampered by its lawlessness. Among the most vicious gangs operating in Arizona are those led by Johnny Ringo, Ike Clanton and Curly Bill Brocius These gangs rob stagecoaches, banks, silver ore shipments and they rustle cattle from the large ranches. Fed up with the situation, Arizona’s Governor sends for former Texas Ranger Captain Matt Sloane and asks him to form a secret group of Arizona Rangers with the aim of destroying these gangs. Matt Sloane is to pose as an outlaw himself and operate inside the territory controlled by Johnny Ringo in an attempt to gather the necessary evidence to prosecute him and his associates. Matt Sloane accepts the challenge, also, in part, because his wife was murdered by outlaws in Texas, under the eyes of his son. He starts his investigation in Tombstone where Ringo’s gang is based and where the sheriff is a corrupt man.




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