The Venetian Affair – Robert Vaughn DVD


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Former CIA man, Bill Fenner, now a downbeat, loner journalist, is sent to Venice to investigate the shock suicide bombing by an American diplomat at a peace conference.

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A U.S. diplomat turns suicide bomber at a nuclear disarmament summit. Why would a respected official go rogue? It’s up to ex-CIA operative Bill Fenner to uncover the mystery. Robert Vaughn’s smooth, often playful Napoleon Solo of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. was one of the superspy era’s best-known agents, but playfulness takes a backseat to intrigue when Vaughn takes on the role of Fenner for the earnest non-UNCLE maneuverings of the Venetian Affair. Elke Sommer, Felicia Farr, Edward Asner and Boris Karloff are among the players in this trench-coated tale of Cold War espionage and paranoia based on a book by veteran thriller author Helen MacInnes and flavorfully shot amid the waterways and piazzas of Venice.




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