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W.C Fields – 6 short films

Pool Sharks ( 1915 ) – Two romantic rivals play a game of pool for the hand of their lady love.

The Golf Specialist ( 1930 ) – J. Effingham Bellweather plays golf despite many slapstick setbacks.

The Dentist ( 1932 ) – An unconventional dentist deals with a variety of eccentric and difficult patients in slapstick fashion.

The Fatal Glass of Beer ( 1932 ) – The prodigal son of a Yukon prospector comes home on a night that “ain’t fit for man nor beast.”

The Pharmacist ( 1933 ) – A henpecked but stoic pharmacist tries to maintains his precarious balance while dealing with demanding customers and his dysfunctional family.

The Barber Shop ( 1933 ) – An inept barber maintains his good-humored optimism in his small town shop despite having a hen-pecking harridan for a wife and a total lack of tonsorial skill.

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