They’re a Weird Mob – Chips Rafferty DVD



An Italian sports journalist arrives in Australia but finds no work. The only employment he can find is as a builder’s labourer. At first, he cannot comprehend the culture, but eventually he finds mateship and romance.


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Nino Culotta (Walter Chiari) is an Italian immigrant who arrived in Australia with the promise of a job as a journalist on his cousin’s magazine, only to find that when he gets there the magazine’s folded, the cousins done a runner and the money his cousin sent for the fare was borrowed from the daughter of the boss of a local construction firm. So Nino tries to get a job and finishes up…laying bricks. Nino works hard and makes friends with lots of locals, Nino and Kay (Claire Dunne) argue a lot, Nino and Kay fall in love…Kay takes Nino to meet ‘Daddy’ but daddy hates journalists, immigrants and bricklayers (he’s now BOSS of a construction firm). Nino starts to win him over with his charm and determination to marry Kay.

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