Till the End of Time – Dorothy McGuire DVD


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Drama about former WW2 Marines readjusting to civilian life and dealing with their mental and physical traumas.

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World War II is over, and millions of Gls forever changed by the war return to a nation far different from the one they left. Among them are three Marines: Bill (Robert Mitchum), an easygoing cowpoke with a silver plate in his head and a dream of buying a ranch; Perry (Bill Williams), a once-promising boxer who lost his legs in combat; and the youngest, Cliff (Guy Madison), who went to war a boy and came back a man. Once home, Cliff meets a gentle war widow (Dorothy McGuire) as profoundly altered by the conflict as any of the men. Their four stories intertwine in T ill the End of Time, a portrait of people – and a nation – uncertain about the future and grappling with the past. Edward Dmytryk (The Caine Mutiny) guides this insightful human drama that includes a chilling scene in which the Leathernecks are invited to join an organization led by bigots – an offer they refuse with their fists.





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