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This film is a 1949 compilation from two films in the “McGuerin” streamliners series made by Hal Roach in 1942; “The McGuerins from Brooklyn” and “Taxi, Mister” which accounts for players Lew Kelly, Clyde Fillmore and Tyler Brooke being in a 1949 movie. The film opens with a clip from “The McGuerins From Brooklyn” in which Tim McGuerin and Eddie Corbett are being honored for growing their cab fleet from one in 1928 to a current 300. Lucy Gibbs asks Corbett how they got to this point, and his explanation is a flashback to an edited version of “Taxi, Mister”, where Tim is romancing his future wife, burlesque performer Sadie O’Brien, whose obvious charms have also caught the eye of gangster Louis Glorio, who is not too thrilled at the attention Tim is paying Sadie. Tim’s romantic problems are solved when the police discover that Glorio is also the long-wanted and mysterious figure known as the Frisco Ghost. Fade back, with a lot better editing than found in most compilations.

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