Two Rode Together – James Stewart DVD



A corrupt marshal is pressured by his army friend into negotiating the release of white captives of the Comanches, but finds that their reintegration into society has its consequences.

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The first pairing of legendary Western director John Ford (six time Oscar winner whose credits include Stage Coach, The Searchers and The Quiet Man) with star Jimmy Stewart, Two Rode Together is a taut, suspenseful story of two lawmen who invade Comanche Indian Territory to rescue the white captives of the tribe.

As in all of his seven previous Westerns, Jimmy Stewart rode his lucky horse and wore his lucky, sweat-stained Stetson (against the wishes of Ford, who complained, “Now I’ve got stars with hat approval!”). But unlike earlier Westerns where the outcome was sure to be a happy one (for the settlers, at least), Two Rode Together is a dramatic and unsentimental depiction of hostages confronted by the savagery of “civilized” society.

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