You For Me – Peter Lawford DVD


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Katie McDermad, who comes from a working class household, is a dedicated surgical nurse, who loves her profession but not the low pay. Her emotions often get the better of her.

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After a hunting mishap lands some buckshot in his backside, millionaire playboy Tony Brown (Peter Lawford) is taken to the hospital he supports to the tune of $100,000 a year. Anxious to have their benefactor receive the best possible care, the hospital administrator assigns Dr. Jeff Chadwick (Gig Young) and nurse Katie McDermad (Jane Greer) to Tony’s minor surgery, despite Katie having just finished a long shift. When the exhausted and irritable Katie insults Tony, he promptly has her fired. Catching Jeff’s eye at the annual hospital dance, he suggests Katie ply Tony with her ample charms in order to get her job back (and save his research grant). Tony becomes smitten with Katie sans surgical mask and immediately begins courting her, despite his divorce not being finalized. Meanwhile, as Katie reports her success to Jeff, he finds himself less than pleased. The doctor or the playboy – what’s a girl to do?


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