Gold for the Caesars – Jeffrey Hunter DVD



A slave architect in Gaul is ordered by a Roman governor to lead an expedition, constantly under danger of attack by Celtic warriors, to the Valley of the Sil to find much-needed gold for Rome.

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SEE the quest for a fabulous treasure… The pagan revels of Saturnalia… The ‘sport’ that turned men into beasts! Screamed a poster for the fast-paced adrenaline charged adventure Gold for the Caesars. Among the sword-and-sandal epics produced in Italy following the 1959 U.S. box-office success of Hercules the film follows the popular formula: an American star (here Jeffrey Hunter of the Searchers) voluptuous temptresses slaves tyranny and exciting displays of muscle-ripping combat. Gold for the Caesars centers on a slaved named Lacer (Hunter) and his beloved the mistress of Maximus the ruthless Roman proconsul of Spain. Charged with managing a vast gold-mining operation in the middle of a bloody Celtic uprising Lacer fights men nature and his conflicted heart. The film builds to a spectacular denouement with Lacer and Maximus battling atop a sluice gate and floodwaters smashing down on Celtic attackers below.




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