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Rival fighter-pilots train in the art of dive bombing while teasing each other about their bravery and manliness. They wind up stranded and must work together for a common goal.

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Clark Gable takes off in his first starring role, a high-flying action-adventure costarring Wallace Beery and directed by George Hill (Tell It to the Marines). Once friendly rivals, Naval airmen Windy Riker (Beery) and Steve Nelson (Gable) are now the bitterest of enemies. Stationed on the USS Saratoga, the two battle over planes, dames and who’s top gun in their squad. But when Steve crashes on a rocky island and badly shatters his leg, Windy risks his life to save his ex-friend, a rescue mission from which they may never return. Based on a story by Frank Wead (They Were Expendable) and made with the full cooperation of the U.S. Navy, portions of Hell Divers were shot onboard the Saratoga itself and included takeoffs and landings of the Curtiss F8C-4 Helldiver, the first fighter-bomber to carry that name.




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Adventure, Drama

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Hell Divers

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Clark Gable, Conrad Nagel, Wallace Beery

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