Looking for Love – Connie Francis DVD



Young Libby Caruso creates her own clothes stand. She falls in love with her sales-promoter Paul Davis. But she soon faces the perplexity to choose between love and business.


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After being in Hollywood for a month with lots of compliments but no offers, girl next door Libby Caruso decides to give up on having a singing career and focus on what she believes is her destiny: to be a wife, hopefully to a doctor. To nab a husband, she believes she has to get a job where many eligible bachelors would notice her, that job despite she having no skills besides singing. Away from her job as a Girl Friday at a brokerage firm, Libby, upon seeing him, believes she is destined to marry Paul Davis, who works at the product development company where Libby’s best friend and roommate Jan McNair works, and who believes he is God’s gift to the world, if only anyone would notice. Jan knows that Libby isn’t Paul’s type, he who didn’t even notice her. However, who may be Libby’s type, but who she in turn didn’t really notice is Cuz Rickover, part-time supermarket stock-boy and part-time bass player among some other part-time activities. Ultimately, Paul believes he can help Libby and in turn help himself in developing a product for market that Libby created to make her 9-to-5 life easier. But as Paul helps Libby with the product with Libby in turn hoping to get Paul to ask her to marry him, Libby gets an opportunity to showcase her singing to a wide audience. So as Libby’s 9-to-5 life, her pursuit of a husband, the product development and the singing seem to be moving up and down simultaneously, Libby has to decide where her focus lies. The answers as to what she should do with her life may just fall into place by others giving those areas a little push.




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