On the Fiddle – Sean Connery DVD


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In this British WWII flick, Horace Pope is arrested and forced to face the court for illegal street peddling. After claiming he plans on enlisting, the judge calls his bluff and rules for him to sign up. Once enlisted, Pope quickly makes friends, and together they try anything and everything they can to avoid seeing action. They end up getting sent to occupied France anyway, were luck continues to be on their side.

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When he is pulled up in court for selling stuff on the street, Horace Pope says he was only doing it while waiting to enlist. The judge calls his bluff and forces him to sign up. Pope makes friends with the easy going but loyal Pedlar Pascoe, who happily goes along with all of his scams in an effort to avoid the front lines and make a bit on the side. However, his scams cause trouble where he goes and there are only so many places he can go before France beckons.




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