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Passage Home (1955)
Lucky Ryland is the captain of a ship transporting bulls from South America to England. Tensions onboard rise when a beautiful girl joins the ship. Ryland proposes to the girl but she declines, as she has fallen in love with another member of the crew, who has to rescue Ruth from a drunken attack by Ryland. Ryland abandons his post as captain until the ship becomes trapped in a violent storm. This is the true test of his position and character.
Simon and Laura (1955)
A TV studio hits upon an idea for a new programme that shows the trials and tribulations of the life of a famous married couple. The obvious choice is Simon and Laura, a pair with a seemingly perfect life. That is, however, until the doors are close and things get nasty. How will they manage to keep up their faade?
No Love For Johnnie (1961)
Johnnie Byrne is an ambitious MP. At a general election, his party is voted into power, but he is overlooked in the selection for office. He is approached by two other MPs who request his help to embark on a campaign to discredit the government. Lost and confused, Johnnie goes home to find that his wife has left him. His world is looking bleak. But will he agree to aid with the scandal?

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