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In these three films his legend lives on. Classic Stewart Granger, 3 disc set. Love Story (1944), Caesar and Cleopatra (1945), Blanche Fury (1948).


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LOVE STORY (1944).

A young concert pianist discovers she has only a short time to live. Accepting her fate, she determines to make the most of her remaining time. Tensions rise when she falls in love with a pilot not knowing he is faced with probable blindness.


As Rome invades Egypt, Julius Caesar stumbles across a frightened young girl at the Sphinx her name is Cleopatra. Caesar promises to make her a Queen and marches on the Council Chamber, ordering them to leave Egypt or face invasion. They claim the palace but are besieged by the Egyptians and all seems lost for Caesar. How can he win?


A penniless girl becomes the mistress of a stately home by marrying the heir. This is despite her love for the illegitimate son of the previous owner. Gypsies sabotage her wedding by setting the barns on fire, and her spurned lover sees the chance to seek his revenge by shooting her husband and blaming it on the gypsies. However, all does not go according to plan. STEWART GRANGER: How can we ever forget the debonair Stewart Granger? He was the dashing leading-man that made women swoon the world over. Very much the suave English gentleman, he appeared in dozens of films in a career that took him across the globe from Britain to America and then to Europe.


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1944 , 1945 , 1948



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Stewart Granger

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Stewart Granger Classic Matinee