The Bramble Bush – Richard Burton DVD




Under the grimmest of circumstances, Dr. Guy Montford (Richard Burton) returns to the rural town where he spent his youth. His pal Larry McFie (Tom Drake) is dying of cancer and wants Guy to euthanize him. As he considers the matter, Guy finds his share of diversions: He beds Larry’s wife, Margaret (Barbara Rush), and almost falls into a romance with a young nurse (Angie Dickinson). Ultimately, Guy’s role in Larry’s death feeds a scandal that lands in the lap of the local authorities.

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A handsome and successful young doctor returns to his home town in New England to see his dying friend for one last time. However, his friend wants to die because he is suffering so much from his illness, and he manages to convince the doctor to commit euthanasia (a mercy killing) on him. Haunted by what he has done, and troubled further still by other dark secrets from his past, the doctor seeks comfort in the arms of several of the town’s lustful women. This leads to even more complications in his life…




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