The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant – Romola Garai DVD


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A young woman is transported to the New South Wales penal colony in 1788.




After being returned to England Mary Bryant and her group were all ordered to ‘remain on their former sentence, until they should be discharged by course of law. On 2 May 1793, Bryant was released from Newgate prison with a free pardon, her sentence having expired, while Allen, Broom alias Butcher, Lillie, and Martin had to wait until 2 November 1793 to be released by proclamation. Bryant is believed to have returned to her family in Cornwall.

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Will Bryant and Mary are among the petty common criminals who are condemned by British justice to deportation to the new Botany Bay penal colony in Australia. The long sailing voyage is eventful, with them falling in love but her also seducing the noble, naive lieutenant Ralph Clarke. In the colony, life is terribly harsh. Ultimately, the pair and some other convicts organize a successful escape by boat. Barely alive, they reach Dutch Timor, and hope to be in the clear.




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