The Time, the Place and the Girl – Dennis Morgan DVD



The stuffy manager of lovely opera singer Vicki Cassel and her uncle, a classical conductor, is determined to close down the noisy nightclub that’s next door to the Cassels’ home.

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Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson lead the charge in a battle between operatic highbrows and showbiz sharpies in the fun-loving let’s put on a show Warner Bros. Tradition. Their team spirit infuses this Technicolor treat, in which nightclub operators run afoul of their stuffy cultured classical neighbors who shut them down. But the tables are turned thanks to a sparkling Arthur Schwartz/Leo Robin score and the romantic mix-ups that inevitably follow. They’re helpfully untangled by S.Z. Cuddles Sakall as a conductor won over by the charms of pop music, and before you can smack your cheeks, a Broadway show is born. Janis Paige, Martha Vickers and Andrea Greene also class up the joint, as do Carmen Cavallero’s orchestra and Chandra Kay and His Dancers. The songs are choice from the sassy A Solid Citizen of the Solid South (with terrific Condos Brothers tapping) to the lilting Oh, But I Do and the slangy Western-flavored Best Song Oscar nominee A Gal in Calico. The Time, the Place and the Girl are all you need to make your day.




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Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, Martha Vickers

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The Time, the Place and the Girl